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Type Electives Display Type, Fall 2023

Cambia Cambia

by Alexis Gonzalez

My brief was to create a funky typeface inspired by Latin American rock album covers from the 1970’s. The inspiration came from digging through my grandparents treasured record collection in their basement.

Cambia Cambia would be best utilized in the music realm such as posters, merch, social media posts, and of course, album covers! Creating Cambia Cambia was invigorating and taught me how to enjoy the process all over again.

The process of my typeface was explorative while embracing the messiest parts of creating. Finding a few ways to create a viable, funky, and heavy feel was the part that brought joy. It took a ton of iterations but, as I worked on the typeface more and more, the pieces came together. The letterforms became the pilot of a psychedelic latin rock vibe like Los Dug Dug’s!

This is the most difficult challenge I’ve faced as a designer, learning a completely new art form and skill enough to execute a fun idea. Cambia Cambia is currently a work in progress with now tackling numbers and punctuation marks.



Alexis Gonzalez

Alexis Gonzalez is a Latine graphic designer and illustrator based in Chicago, IL.

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