Display Type Design

Type Electives Display Type, Spring 2023

Aseo Romano

by Oscar Saylor

With its diagonal angles, approachability, humanistic character, comfort, and elegance, Aseo Romano is a typeface that draws inspiration from aspects of Cooper, Windsor, and Souvenir. Aseo is a tight word spacing font designed for clothing, album covers, and print headlines. The dramatic angles inside the counter forms and the long serifs make this typeface unique.

While thinking of what typeface I wanted to create, I reflected that my main goal was to learn, so I wanted something challenging. This led me to use translation as my axis base. Translation has a sense of rhythm, and to keep the distraction from uncomfortable negative spacing within two tightly spaced letters or when serifs touch, I had to use angles to keep the harmony.









Oscar Saylor

Oscar is a Creative Director specializing in comprehensive brand systems. He also runs Estudio Bodega, where he produces limited-edition merchandise. With over 13 years of experience, he has designed a range of digital collateral, brand guidelines, interactive installations, environmental graphics, and typography for various clients.

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