Display Type Design

Type Electives Display Type, Spring 2023


by Mathew Prada

Typeface inspired in early 1800s slab serifs, merged with the essence of local ancient ruins (Puma Punku). The result is a very sturdy display font with high squareness, clear cuts and robust asymmetric serifs.

For most of the process, the challenge was to balance between neutral and expressive, trying to keep square shapes and sharpness but always thinking about realistic usability.








Mathew Prada

Mathew Prada is a freelance graphic designer exclusively focused on type and letters since 2013 and is a professor at the Bolivian Catholic University since 2015. His work has been selected in various exhibitions such as Tipos Latinos 2016, 2022; BiceBé international poster biennial in Bolivia and Typism Books 1 to 7. He currently works as a freelance designer and from 2019 Mathew is leaning more towards typeface design, taking formal type design courses and producing fonts.

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